Liberals & Nationals for Yes note the High Court has upheld the marriage postal survey.

There is now a clear pathway for including same-sex couples in the institution of marriage should a majority of Australians vote 'yes'.

It is now urgent that all Australians in favour of change take this opportunity to have their voice heard by returning their survey.

Liberals and Nationals believe in the equal dignity of every Australian, their equality before the law and a society built on strong, committed relationships.

A belief in strong and committed relationship is why there is strong support for a 'Yes' vote within the membership and parliamentary teams of the Liberal and National Parties.

In recent weeks, dozens of prominent Liberals & Nationals have put their name to a Yes vote. Thousands of Liberals & National voters have also signed a Yes petition.

With published polls showing most Australians and most Liberal and National voters favour same-sex marriage, complacency is a major concern.  

This ballot is unlike most elections in Australia. It is essential that the millions of Liberal & National voters who support change get out to vote.

We encourage everyone to maintain a respectful approach in the coming weeks as the debate ramps up.

Ultimately, our hope is a Yes vote will be carried and same sex couples can be married by Christmas.

The dividend of same sex marriage will be stronger families and communities and a stronger Australia.