Media Statement – Liberals & Nationals For Yes

Liberals and Nationals who support a Yes vote in the marriage plebiscite have established a national campaign.

A broad cross section of party elders and current members of Parliament are supporting the push to carry a Yes vote and enact same sex marriage in 2017.

A new website is launching: which highlights the strong support for a Yes vote within the Liberal & National Parties.

Liberals and Nationals rightly support marriage as a fundamental good where two people make commitments of mutual responsibility to each other for themselves and society. We should want same-sex couples to make the same commitments of responsibility.

There is a very strong case for same sex marriage within the liberal and conservative traditions embodied by the Liberal Party.

This is reflected in the backing for same sex marriage within the membership base and Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party. We have also witnessed a growing base of support for change within the National Party.

Marriage does not need to change for all Australians to join it.

Opening the commitment of marriage to all Australians will strengthen families and communities. More responsibility and commitment will only secure our society.

Successful institutions evolve over time. Marriage is no exception to this rule. The Marriage Act has been amended 20 times since 1961.

Australia is the last major English speaking countries without same sex marriage.

The commitment of marriage is now open to all couples throughout the Anglosphere: the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Canada have all delivered change. A range of other predominantly catholic nations such as Spain, Argentina and Ireland have been able to do the same.

We should make 2017 the year when the 21st amendment to the Marriage Act delivers same sex marriage in Australia. Civil marriage under Australian law will not undermine religious freedoms which must continue to be protected under the Constitution and law.

Media Contact: Luke Barnes 0422 726 621