Statement from Andrew Bragg, Campaign Director

Dozens of Liberals and Nationals have signed an open letter which seeks a Yes vote for fairness and families.

The signatories:

  • Extend back to the 1975-1983 Fraser Government;
  • Includes
    • 12 Ministers in the Turnbull Government;
    • 5 Howard Government Cabinet Ministers;
    • 5 Nationals;
    • Representatives from NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and the ACT;
    • 3 directors of the Menzies Research Centre;
    • 7 Party leaders; and
    • 2 Federal Presidents.

Saying Yes will:

  1. Ensure all Australians have their relationships recognised – so our friends, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, work colleagues and neighbours, get a fair and equal go;
  2. Strengthen families as the foundation of a successful society;
  3. Recognise great institutions like marriage change over time – the Marriage Act has changed 20 times since 1961; and
  4. Deliver marriage for all Australians while protecting religious views about marriage under a Coalition government. We believe in all forms of freedom and will always defend freedom for all.

Ultimately, the question is whether all Australians can celebrate their love and have their relationships recognised. It is an opportunity for everyone to share their love as married couples.

This change won't just happen. Everyone needs a plan to vote and post.

Please fill in your postal survey and post it as soon as you receive it.