Statement from Andrew Bragg, Campaign Director

Dozens of Liberals and Nationals have signed an open letter which seeks a Yes vote for fairness and families.

The signatories:

  • Extend back to the 1975-1983 Fraser Government;
  • Includes
    • 12 Ministers in the Turnbull Government;
    • 5 Howard Government Cabinet Ministers;
    • 5 Nationals;
    • Representatives from NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and the ACT;
    • 3 directors of the Menzies Research Centre;
    • 7 Party leaders; and
    • 2 Federal Presidents.

Liberals & Nationals for Yes note the High Court has upheld the marriage postal survey.

There is now a clear pathway for including same-sex couples in the institution of marriage should a majority of Australians vote 'yes'.

It is now urgent that all Australians in favour of change take this opportunity to have their voice heard by returning their survey.

Liberals and Nationals believe in the equal dignity of every Australian, their equality before the law and a society built on strong, committed relationships.

Media Statement – Liberals & Nationals For Yes

Liberals and Nationals who support a Yes vote in the marriage plebiscite have established a national campaign.

A broad cross section of party elders and current members of Parliament are supporting the push to carry a Yes vote and enact same sex marriage in 2017.

A new website is launching: which highlights the strong support for a Yes vote within the Liberal & National Parties.

Liberals and Nationals rightly support marriage as a fundamental good where two people make commitments of mutual responsibility to each other for themselves and society. We should want same-sex couples to make the same commitments of responsibility.